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PGOLD is a cloud based system of the products for Office Activities Automation, Resources Management for the Projects, Employee Performance Measurement (EPM).

  • Organogram Business Structure.
  • Employee Register, Organization Chart.
  • Time Sheet - Approval Tree Management, job Control with Man-hours

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Create the Smartest Schedule for Your Team and Share it Instantly. Deliver High-Quality Work on Time by Planning, Scheduling and Tracking ...


Make Quicker and Better Plans.Take Scheduling One Step Further with Features You can Never Say 'No' to ...

To Do List

Regain Clarity and Calmness by Getting all those Tasks Out of Your Head and Onto Your To-Do List

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PARASCADD GOLD IS THE GATEWAY TO All the EPC Products & Solutions From PARASCADD on the Cloud. It Also Includes CALENDAR, TIMESHEET,TO-DO LIST Etc.

End To End Project Management Office.

Procurement & Tender Management.

Material analysis and look ahead planning.

Warehouse Accounting & Management.

Material Front analysis and job planning.

Material Control, Construction & PCAM.

Estimation, Costing & Bidding.

Piping Isometric drawing Automation.

Material Control & Tracking.

Organized Inventory with Material Tracking.

Item Codes Generation Program.

Piping Fabrication, Erection Isometrics.

Spool Fabrication Management.

Spool Erection Management.

Structural Work & Material Management.

Civil Work & Material /Management.

Equipment Erection Management.

Electrical & Instrumentation Management.

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Activities Management.

Barcode & RFID Mobile Apps.

Estimation, Budget, Control & Finance.


Network Scheduling for Project Planning and Monitoring.

Document Management System.

Project Hold Management System.

Project Challenges - Risk Management.

Project Safety / HSE Management.

Digital CAD For EPC.

Utility plugin for ISO Generation.

Construction & Contractor Schedule.

Construction Simulation.

Cross Country Pipeline Projects Management.

Interactive Project Management Dashboard.

Live Demonstration

Live demonstration will help you better understand the PGOLD platform and all the software we offer on the cloud. We would be glad to provide a demonstration of this Cloud software and explain what we offer here.